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Biosta - MT


E 450, 451, 452, Protein, Polysaccharide,  211, 202

Certification of product standard

No. 10087/2015/ATTP-XNCB  by  The Vietnam Food Administration (VFA), Ministry of Health.


- Stabilizing meat emulsion and adding cohesive properties resulted  in improving  texture of meat products  after cooking.

- Biosta –MT includes 2 types:  G2 for  products with higher lean meat  content  (> 75%) and G4 for less percentage


Vietnamese sausage (cha lua) (see guidance  below)

For Vietnamese fermented sausage  (Nem) , type of  N6 is recommended


< 8 gr/kg meat


1 kg


02 years


stored in dry places, not exposed to air, water and sunlight


- The addition of excess water to meat emulsion results in reducing the firm texture of finished products, otherwise insufficient water makes surface of product dry and quickly spoiled.

- The quantity of water added depends on the quality of meat emulsion, more or less dry

BIOSTA-MT : A mixture of  preservative agents is legally available in Biosta-MT in order to retard the microbial growth in Chalua. The food safety , however,  requests boiled meat products must be stored in refrigerator ( 40C). Chalua exposed to open environment with high temperature and dust is good condition for the growth of bacterium as a result of spoilage

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